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TayCare Medical Team Members - Meet the team...



I am Clinical Director of TayCare Medical Ltd and have been involved with the company for about 35 years.

Initially, I started my training by learning the manual skills necessary to manufacture most of the Orthotics we currently produce today. My training continued via Paddington College based in London. I qualified in 1974 and this allowed me to then practice my skills in clinics within both the private and NHS sector.

My role has changed and developed over the years and in addition to being a full time Orthotist in our clinics, I also hold the ultimate responsibility for employing and running the company based in Leeds. I enjoy all aspects of my working day and have particular interests in both Spinal Injuries and Diabetes. I am very proud to have along with me in the company an excellent team of staff who will give their utmost into ensuring that our patients are looked after at all times.

I am married with two children, Ben and Laura both of whom are now involved with the running of the company ensuring that the family involvement continues for a fourth generation. My wife Julie assists me by looking after various financial aspects of the company and she is able to do this from our home in North Leeds.

My interests, when work allows, is enjoying DIY at home, motor sports and cycling. We enjoy walking in North Yorkshire with a rather lethargic 12 year old black Labrador , but I am sure enjoys the fresh air as much as we do.

BEN TAYLOR - Commercial Manager

I have been involved with the family business all my working life. I started working in the production department during school and university holidays where I carried out the basic manufacturing tasks and gained the essential knowledge and skills that allow us to produce the orthotics.

I joined the company full time in July 2000 where I began to gain a greater understanding of the administration and finance side of the company. One of my first projects was to design an IT database, which could be utilised across the business. I implemented the system, which is now used by our Orthotists across our clinical service and by other team members to administer orders, deliveries, invoices and compile management reports. My role now is Commercial Manager, which includes development of the company, tendering for new business, managing monthly sales for the various hospitals and attending management review/finance meetings. I ensure that as a company we have a good relationship with existing customers and that we can offer the same relationship to all new customers.

I also work closely with the Orthotists to ensure that the clinics are running as efficiently as possible and I arrange and manage the clinic sessions for all the hospitals throughout the UK.

In my spare time I enjoy going out on my bike, playing badminton and watching any sort of motor sport. I attended this year’s Grand Prix in Silverstone which was an enjoyable experience.

I have been fortunate to have travelled to both Australia and America. I spent 4 weeks in Australia with friends over the Christmas and New Year period 2 years ago and experienced the sights and delights of Sydney, and my trip to America included staying in New York and Las Vegas.

PAUL FORD – Factory Manager

At the age of sixteen in 1980 my career commenced at H.W. Poole & Son in Leeds. There I served a full apprenticeship in footwear manufacturing. My time there came to an end in 1988 when I was lured by the legendary Philip Taylor to help boost production at TayCare Medical.

This I thrived on, and it was not long before I became Production Manager. Part of my role includes organising production, purchase of raw materials and components, quality control and trouble shooting. The expansion of the technical team is also my responsibility. I take personal pride in delivering a first class service to all of our patients.

I am now in my twenty eighth year in the trade and have worked at TayCare Medical for twenty of those years, where I have gained a vast amount of experience in orthotic manufacturing.

When I am not working I have a passion for cars, golf and dining out.


PETER LALLY – Supervisior

I started my orthotic career 11 years ago with TayCare when I joined the company as an apprentice orthotic technician. I remained at the company for 5 years where and over this period I gained the fundamental skills and the experience to enable me to become an Orthotic Technician.

In 2001 an opportunity arose for me to work at another Orthotic supplier and after much deliberation I decided to leave TayCare.
The move was beneficial for me as I had moved a step further up my career ladder and gained an insight into how other companies within the industry operated.

In 2005 I was then approached by Philip Taylor who was looking for an individual with initiative and forward thinking to improve the manufacturing process and manage the Plastic department and I returned to TayCare with a new role as the Supervisor of the poly department. I was already familiar with company and I was excited by the new challenge, so I returned to TayCare in 2005.

My main role at TayCare is to ensure that the department runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. I have a team of 8 Technicians working in my department and they provide the skill and commitment to enable us to produce high quality orthoses.

Outside of work my interests include restoring (with a twist) a classic 1980 Mini Clubman, riding my motorbike, snowboarding and anything that gets my adrenaline pumping!


PHILIP TAYLOR - see above


I have worked at TayCare Medical for 15 years. Prior to working at TayCare I worked at H W Poole and Son where I trained and then gained my qualification to be an Orthotist.

My role and TayCare includes both the responsibility as Lead Orthotist at York Hospital where I work in a multi disciplinary environment and Service Manager for 4 hospitals.

Both roles involve overseeing the clinics; ensuring that they run as efficiently and productively as possible. I am responsible for any training, research and development into new and existing products. I am the first contact for any issues with these clinics and attend regular review meetings. The review meetings cover a range of topics including general day to day issues, financial aspects of the clinics and giving the Trusts the opportunity to discuss any concerns or queries.

I thoroughly enjoy my job as I meet a variety of people and it gives me a great amount of satisfaction when I see the orthoses make a difference to patients’ lives. It can enable them to carry on with their life as normal without any pain or discomfort.

I am married to Gill and we have two children Kathryn and David and not forgetting our family dog Molly. In my spare time I enjoy going for long walks with Molly, playing golf and swimming.


I qualified as an Orthotist at Paddington College, London in 1983. After working for 2 companies providing a wide range of clinical duties I joined the TayCare team in 1992.

Currently I service clinics mainly in the Manchester and Huddersfield areas. My main specialty is paediatric orthotics but I also enjoy working within a specialist learning disability team and also in a multidisciplinary diabetic team.

I am married with 2 children and my interests outside of work are all aspects of DIY in particular woodworking. At home I am known as Norm (from New Yankee Workshop on TV) I even have the plaid shirt and safety glasses!!

For relaxation I like nothing more than taking the tiller of a narrow boat with friends exploring the UK canals.

I also enjoy eating out, football and keeping the garden tidy.


I am a Senior Orthotist employed by TayCare Medical since joining the company in 1987. I work in a multi disciplinary environment in both York Hospital and Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. I began my career with H W Poole and Son in 1960 in the factory and worked in the metal, leather and plastic departments. I then began my Orthotist training in 1967 covering clinics in York, Hull, Burnley and Preston gaining fellowship to the British Institute of Surgical Technology during this period.

I have been married for 38 years and have a son and daughter. My pastimes include golf and I was also a member of my local football team for many years, but I now support and am a spectator on the side lines!


I started working in the surgical trade as a workshop apprentice and trainee orthotic technician in 1962 working initially for E Smith & Co (surgical) ltd in Hull. It was here that I completed my training as an apprentice. I was awarded certification as a mechanical engineer in 1970 and completed my training as an Orthotist in 1980 under the auspice of the then British Institute of Surgical Technologists; later becoming a member of the British Association of Prosthetics and Orthotics (BAPO).

I left the industry in 1999 and completed training in micro electronics and telecommunications. It didn’t take me long to realise how much I missed working in the industry and I returned to the trade in 2001.

I joined TayCare Medical in 2003 and my clinical role is dealing with paediatrics and special needs schools in the Calderdale area and also general orthotic provision in the Salterhebble district,

I have been married to Irene for 37 years and both my daughters are now married with children of their own. My hobbies over the years have included windsurfing, riding my motorcycle and as an officer at a nuclear –chemical and biological underground bunker. My grandchildren now seem to dominate my attention; so much of my spare time is spent with them


As a qualified Bio-Mechanical Engineer for some 46 years (the last 28 years of which as a qualified Orthotist), I have worked at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Oxford – firstly as Production Manager, then taking over as Manager & Chief Orthotist for 14 years. I currently work at Stoke Mandeville Hospital ‘National Spinal Injuries Centre’ where I cover spinal and general orthopaedic clinics, and I count it a great privilege to be working for ‘TayCare’.

Whilst experienced in all areas of orthotics’ provision over the years, I have specialised in bespoke TLSO, TLSHKAFO (full sets), KAFO’s and AFO’s. I enjoy working in a Hospital environment where I can use my training skills in seeking to make a difference to the health, well-being and mobility of those who have suffered long-term injuries.

All my working life has been under-girded by my Christian ethics and principles, and, with my wife Gwen, we lead a growing Community Church in our village just outside Oxford. We regard family time as a high priority – and, as time allows, I also enjoy a variety of sports & activities - & gardening and DIY projects around our home.


I trained at Salford University in Manchester graduating in 2001. Initially working at the renowned Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre in Oxford as part of a team of up to ten orthotists, I gained an excellent grounding in all fields of orthotic practice including hands on manufacture. I then worked for Trulife with increasing responsibility in specialist paediatric clinics and assessment of patients within their gait lab.

I joined TayCare in October 2006 where I am responsible for clinics throughout the Buckinghamshire area; these include Paediatric, Learning Difficulties and Spinal Injury clinics. I enjoy working in all aspects of orthotic care but have particular interests in foot and ankle biomechanics and paediatrics. I enjoy the challenge of working in multi-disciplinary environments and encourage involvement of fellow health professionals wherever possible. I also have found great satisfaction in developing custom made orthoses for the improved treatment of patients.

Outside of work I am married with two young children; my interests include riding and maintaining my stable of motorbikes on the road and on track-days whenever possible. I enjoy anything exhilarating and am always open to new challenges both professionally and personally.


I studied for four years at Salford University and graduated with an Honours Degree in Prosthetics & Orthotics in 2001. Having been a member of the British Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists (BAPO) for over ten years, I immediately started working as an Orthotist. I initially worked for a North West based orthotic company, running their clinics right across the UK and Northern Ireland. After building up 3yrs of experience with them, I moved to another established company in 2004. I gained a further 4yrs experience as their sole orthotist being fully responsible for all clinics in the Mid Staffordshire region.

I joined Taycare in June 2008 after a short career break learning the ropes of parenthood! I am currently responsible for the orthotic care of paediatrics within schools and health centres in and around Cheshire, where I work very closely with other multidisciplinary team members.

I have a specialist interest in paediatric orthotic care, but also enjoy the challenges of the diabetic foot, and am currently building upon my knowledge base in gait analysis.

When I am not in clinic or with my family you will find me on a tennis court. I represent the David Lloyd Tennis Club in my local LTA league and am the club’s reining ladies and mixed doubles champion. I also enjoy winter sports and when I want to take it easy, I like to paint. All things aside, I love shopping and keeping my shoe collection well established…how ironic!



I joined TayCare in January 2007. Prior to working at TayCare I studied Business Development at Park Lane College and then I completed a secretarial course at The North of England Secretarial College. After finishing college my first job was at a business centre in Leeds city centre where I worked for 2 years and then I worked as a Personal Assistant for a Property Development and Investment company for 4 years. Both roles I hugely enjoyed, but felt the time was right to move on to a new challenge and the family business was that opportunity.

My role at TayCare is a varied one and each day throws new challenges. Being new to the field of Orthotics there is plenty to learn and I am enjoying the learning process. My day to day duties involve general administration for the company. Alongside this I am also heavily involved with the company’s marketing and customer relations. I regularly visit the various hospitals and trusts we work with to attend service review meetings. I enjoy these visits as it gives me the opportunity to see the clinical side of the business and I also enjoy meeting the staff at the various hospitals and “putting a face to the names” I speak to over the telephone on a daily basis.

Outside of work I am kept busy with decorating and furnishing a house I recently bought with my boyfriend. I am enjoying my role as a “domestic goddess” and enjoy cooking and entertaining for friends and family and also gardening. My hobbies include horse riding and skiing and my weekends are usually taken up with another hobby which I am particularly partial to…the art of shopping!


I joined the company in 1988 and previously worked in retail.

My duties at TayCare include putting the orders into the system from the hospitals, invoicing orders and maintaining our Quality System. I am also responsible for the quality checks and dispatch of orders to our customers and patients. Throughout the manufacturing process the items must meet a standard of quality and before the orders are dispatched I am responsible for checking the final result and will ensure it meets the requirements.

When not at work my main interest is riding and looking after my horse Taff and going for long walks with my dog Jasper. I also enjoy reading, listening to music and supporting my nephews band Dartz whenever they are playing.


I joined TayCare in 1997. My role includes analysing orders from the Orthotists orders once they have been transferred from their laptop, ensuring the product codes and delivery details are correct. In addition to this I will request official order numbers for any orthosis ordered through TayCare Medical.

Outside work I enjoy cooking and spending time with my family.


I joined TayCare in 2004 . My main role at TayCare is to manage and run our purchase orders and supplies for the company. I work closely with our suppliers to ensure that we receive swift delivery of our orders and equally that our orders are dispatched to the hospitals/clinics and customers within our agreed timescales.

I also manage the courier service for deliveries to and from TayCare.



I joined TayCare in April 2008.

My role at TayCare is Account Administrator. I look after the sales and purchase ledger and ensure that both TayCare and our Suppliers receive payment on time. As a new member to the TayCare team I am keen to build a strong relationship with my colleagues and our customers.

Outside of work I am kept busy with my 6 month old son, but when time allows I enjoy going to the gym.

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